Firoz Group has been committed to
customer satisfaction and high-quality
control over all past years, and has
already achieved huge success.
New ideas and future vision led to the
established of a new brand ‘’Pavone’’,
which is now well-known brand in the
field of commercial kitchen equipment
manufacturing and distribution in
Egypt, and Middle East.
Our European, modern and innovative
style has made us the preferred
choice of chef’s and Food service
All great chefs know the best results
depend on the perfect mix of tradition
and creativity. The very same
ingredients that PAVONE puts into
its products: solid experience and a
strong appetite for innovation ensure
that our customers get the best quality
equipment and services


A team of professionals who has vast
experience and in-depth knowledge
of the Equipment & Hospitality Industry.
The team leaders and their team
members use their experience and
competence to provide perfect
solutions to their clients .They have
better understanding about the
customers needs and priorities.


Our highly experienced and
innovative engineering team,
converts your ideas and needs
from virtual product to reality using
advanced software.
We offer a high level of engineering
design .We are at your disposal to
design your kitchen according to your
needs and workplace.


Our factory utilizes State of art
production technologies and
machines as well as highly skilled
technicians to ensure supreme quality


R&D department, where 3D modeling
manage all stages of the product
development process with CAD, CAM
and 3d printing facilities.


Our goal is to give the very best
quality, comfort ,ergonomics,
productivity and safety.


Testing is very important phase that

guarantees the conformity of the

product to all safety and quality

requirements. Our lab is accredited

to preform tests according to the

applicable international standards

which ensures that our products have

optimum performance with the highest

safety aspects.


Today, Pavone is known in the
foodservice market worldwide for its
100% Made in Egypt, products. The
company exports to about 50 different